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Vit 101

June 4, 2010

The forecast is for rain. The running joke is that we are going to name this vintage after the movie Ground Hog Day. It seems like every day we wake up to the same forecast….rain. But it is June! Isn’t it time to start barbecuing?
I think I would prefer to die from drowning than to die of thirst so I will take this years rain instead of last years drought. I am guessing that all this cool weather has put us behind schedule a couple of weeks but I am not convinced our being behind now necessarily portends a late harvest this fall. Nature has a way of catching up…assuming it ever gets hot.
In terms of the daily grind, this weather is hell. Every time I get on the tractor and do a job, the rain basically undoes it. I have already burned about 50% more bio fuel this year than I used all last year. The vineyard workers hate it because they can’t work in the rain. I don’t seem to have that problem…
It is way too early to worry about this harvest but an interesting little tidbit I learned in Vit 101 is the possible impact this cool spring weather could have on the 2011 harvest. The rudiments of the flower cluster develop during the season preceding the year in which the flowers bloom and thus a cool spring produces fewer flower rudiments. In other words, maybe this weather is a cure for the woes of the wine glut…

UPDATE: JULY 12. Summer is here. I was hot last night and really hot today…finally!

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