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2010 Harvest is History

November 1, 2010

The large storm that was prognosticated to moved through California last weekend provided the necessary motivation to finish the 2010 harvest. I didn’t see any advantage to having three inches of rain fall on our ripe Cabernet and we finished picking just as the rain began to fall. The grapes are now safely fermenting away.

We have had our share of trials and tribulations this vintage but in the end it turns out to have been a good harvest. Our grape yields were down significantly, but the grapes we did harvest were delicious and the winemaking was easy.

It has long been my theory that if the vines are well tended that the wines will make themselves. In the ten years that I have been taking care of Old Hill this is the first year where I can say that this theory has come into practice on 100% of the wines, and for that reason it was so easy. (and because we made so much less wine!)

I am fairly certain that because of the weird weather over this past growing season that the press will pan the 2010 vintage. And while I don’t like to prognosticate about quality, I am going to go out on a limb and say that this vintage is up there with our ’07, and ’08…but only time will tell.

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