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Deer Abatement

June 2, 2011

My farming mentor and step-father, Otto Teller, famously replied when asked why there is no deer fence around Old Hill he said, “Deer gotta eat too”.

I am happy to have the deer around but I prefer that they focus their attention on the riparian areas that are rich in deer food such as poison oak. Of course the deer are interested in vines too and so we try to discourage their vine grazing while allowing them access.

It turns out that deer and I have something in common, that is our complete and total loathing of bounce, the scented dryer sheets. My mother has been using them on her roses and Chuy is using them to keep the deer out of his flowers. He says you can make an aroma barrier that the deer won’t cross.

We have been using other tools that discourage deer but with all the rain this year they seem to wash off. So we are giving this a try. I promise the wine will not be scented!!! And so far they seem to be working. We made little tea bags with the sheets, filling them with blood meal which also repels deer, and then attaching them to the stake with a cloths pin.

I enjoy the irony of using clothing pins to attach dryer sheets…but I will leave the tea-bag jokes alone

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