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Farm Camp comes to Old Hill

June 3, 2011

Farm Campers getting to know some vines. Photo by Chris Detrick, Salt Lake Tribune

Guest blogger Stephanie here. Considering myself lucky to have spent a day at Farm Camp some weeks ago with a few Utah restaurant employees who were in the midst of a hands-on California wine educational tour. The last stop was Old Hill Ranch, where Will gave us a tour of the ranch and its storied history.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Kathy Stephenson recorded their whole trip beautifully with words and Chris Detrick did the same with pictures here, so there’s no need to get into the details. But I will add that as an avid restaurant goer who asks a lot of questions about the origin of my food and drink it was a welcome sight to see servers, chefs, and sommeliers there on the ranch learning first hand about the source of the wine that they sell. What better way to consult a customer through a 10-page wine list than to have had a personal experience on a vineyard, talking to the winemaker and seeing the great old vines themselves? It’s a great idea and I hope it starts a trend in cross-platform gastronomic education. Credit to Francis Fecteau, owner of the Utah wine brokerage Libations Inc., for organizing the trip and for recognizing the power of the place. Credit to Will and Ted Bucklin and Lizanne Pastore for an midday feast of BBQ chicken and potato salad. Served outdoors on a long picnic table with some Bucklin Zin, it’s the taste of summer.

Flavor Analysis. Photo by Chris Detrick, Salt Lake Tribune

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