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A Bowl of Cherries

July 6, 2011

Today I picked the last of our cherries. We are usually done picking our eight cherry trees by solstice. It does indeed look to be a late harvest this year!

The vintage 2011 cherries were not particularly good. They did not get sweet enough and the texture became a little soft. We also lost about half to splitting because of the late rains. After a year of anticipation it was a bit of a disappointment. sigh

But the apricots are fine and the Santa Rosa plums are crazy flavor bombs that explode with sweetness and sourness simultaneously. The peach tress smell of ripe peaches and the fruit is turning beautiful color. We have had one ripe cherry tomato and a few blue lake beans. The corn looks close and of course we are already tired of zuchinni. And so the anticipation continues!

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