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2015 Photo Journal

October 26, 2015

Spring pruning the Bambino.  Prune at the last possible moment to offset climate change

spring purning

An Old Vine not long for this world.  One of my favorites.

last legs

It will go to Old Vine Heaven

dead soldiers

Been working on a complete redesign of our label.  I am not sure what will become of it…

Final New Label

Kid in a candy store.

kid in a candy store


harvest dog

dog tractor

Very excited to pick our first crop of Mixed Whites!

picking mixed whites! mixed whites

Pet peeve, sorting in the winery.  Efficient, effective and easy to do it in the vineyard.


sorting in the vineyard

What does it mean to be an “ancient vine”


Just dirt?  Nope.  It’s alive!  (more to come)

healthy soil

 We just got new solar installed and a used electric work cart.  Very fun!

golf cart

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  1. Ellen Gill Pastore permalink
    November 2, 2015 8:23 pm

    I take it that Mattie now able to drive that cart on her own – at least when you’re not looking?!

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